Our School

Aporia in ancient Greek means puzzlement. Atheneum has come to mean “educational institution” among other things and is derived from Athena – the Greek goddess of wisdom. Thus, Aporia Atheneum© – a school of paradox – explores perplexing issues particularly conundrums and dilemmas about leadership. This is what our group attempts to understand.

We are inquisitive individuals who have come together to interrogate enigmas that we encounter in the realm of leadership in organizations such as families, schools, communities and societies. In our quest to continually examine these puzzles, the common characteristic we discover is that the phenomenon we explore is multi-layered, multi-dimensional and multi-prismatic. Once we carefully scrutinize and contemplate on the actions of human beings, specifically in the realm of leadership; we unearth disparate interpretations of scholars and practitioners investigating the same phenomenon. Instead of definitive and dogmatic answers, we recognize contradiction and conflict vis-à-vis consistency and concord. In our conversations, discourses and reflections and in our efforts to make sense of leadership, the common ground that we reach as a “golden mean” or as a “synthesis” is the recognition of paradoxes. This site chronicles our continuing endeavors to uncover more of these “paradoxes” with the hope of capturing some of the essence of leadership.

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