Our Team

UQ Australia

Enteng Reyes

Dr. Vicente Reyes
(PhD National University of Singapore)
Research interests: Politics of schooling and governance, modeling policy implementation, school reform and transformation, research methods.

NIE Singapore


Dr. William Choy
(PhD University of New South Wales)
Research interests: Cross cultural management and comparative research in international, diversity management in the Asia Pacific, strategic human resource management and organisational management and development.

Dr. Catherine Chua
Assistant Professor
(PhD University of Queensland)
Research interests: Policy reforms, pedagogical reforms, education, economy and society, education and government, macro and micro planning, language planning, literacy

Dr. Jude Chua
Associate Professor
(FCoT, FRHistS, PhD)
Research interests: Jurisprudence, chinese philosophy, philosophy of religion, metaphysics, ethics in education, philosophical anthropology and philosophical issues in economics and sociology

Dr. Jonathan Goh
Associate Professor
(PhD (Distinction) University of Western Australia)
Research interests: Research methodology (qualitative and quantitative), data analysis techniques including structural equation modeling, student learning approaches, intercultural communication competence, and cross-cultural aspects of service quality perceptions, customer satisfaction and employee motivation.


Dr. Hairon Salleh
Assistant Professor
(PhD University of Bath, UK)
Research interests: School effectiveness and improvement, educational change, teachers’ work and professional development.


♥  Dr. Charlene Tan  
Associate Professor
(PhD National University of Singapore)
Research interests: Philosophy of Education, Comparative Education, Critical Thinking

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