As a reader and visitor to our blog site, we encourage you to read and be familiar with some of the following guidelines:

First of all, we appreciate the time you spend in stopping by our blog site. As a rule, we encourage and uphold a cordial exchange of ideas and an observance of the generally accepted norms of netiquette.

The views (be they paradoxical, insightful, radical or downright rubbish) that are published on this blog belong solely to the individual authors/contributors’ ruminations and do not in any way whatsoever represent any official stance from Aporia Atheneum© or the institutions from where the authors/contributors come from.

As a community attempting to explore paradoxes and puzzles, we surprisingly have an almost “dogmatic” agreement on abiding by existing recognized, international copyright laws. We exhort all our visitors/contributors to similarly respect and abide by these rules.

As the group managing the blog, we also deem it our duty to ensure that a vigorous exchange of ideas is maintained. The norm of civilized discourse is what we hope to prevail. We will be deleting posts and blocking entries that we interpret as defamatory, libelous, slanderous, obscene, illegal (such as disclosures) or attempts towards unscrupulous advertising.

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